John is another UP fan along with the other John (Sparky). He enjoys "BIG POWER". Turbines, Big Boys and all their cousins are a common sight when John cranks up for operations. And of course, reefers and streamliners round out the rolling stock any worth-their-salt UP modeler would not dare be without.
   The first time I REALLY saw N-Trak modules was in Port Townsend, WA. where John's group, Mt. Rainier N-Scale, was at a show in 1995.

    His modules instantly attracted me. The way he used his  great imagination to arrange the modules (four of them about 20 feet long) into a marvelous maze of tunnels, trestles and bridges was spellbinding. It looked entirely real!!!

    Of all the interesting sites the major trackage feature is what grabs you. The way the inside mainline & branchline goes behind the backdrop where it connects to a small staging area leaves the outside main line to transverse the edge alone, braking the three track look, until they reunite at the end of the last module. The visual impact of this setup is awesome compared to what you can do with a single module or a group of smaller modules.
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