Trailer Project
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Alternate tow vehicle.
The club purchased a trailer frame that had formerly been a camp trailer but now only had a strand board box. We stripped the box down to the floor and started over, framing from the floor up to the finished trailer shown above. We spent 3 months on the project.
Bob LeMond and Mark Cacciola stripping box sides. 3-13-99
Mike Cacciola, Dennis Reeve & Mark Cacciola continuing. 3-13-99
Cacciola brothers laying bottom plate. 3-20-99
Cacciola brothers and Win Hazelton. 3-20-99
Greg Okrasinski laying out first wall. 3-20-99
Mike Cacciola, Win Hazelton & Diane Powell framing wall. 3-27-99
Mike Cacciola & Win Hazelton doing more framing. 3-27-99
Jim Younkins predrilling walls. 3-27-99
Fitting pieces, Win Hazelton & Dennis Reeve. 3-27-99
Dennis Reeve with first wall up. 3-27-99
Win Hazelton & Jim Younkins working on wheel wells. 4-3-99
Win Hazelton, Dennis Reeve & Bob LeMond clamping corner. 4-3-99
Wall sheathing begun, Win Hazelton, Dennis Reeve, Jim Younkins & Greg Okrasinski. 4-3-99
More wall sheathing, Mark Cacciola & Greg Okrasinski 4-3-99
Preparing for more sheathing, Dennis Reeve & Jim Younkins. 4-17-99
Mike Cacciola trimming front hitch frame. 4-3-99
Bob LeMond applying screws to siding. 5-15-99
Bob LeMond, Win Hazelton & Dennis Reeve cutting siding to fit. 5-15-99
Mark Cacciola & Greg Okrasinski fitting metal sides. 4-24-99.
Greg Okrasinki cutting siding, supervised by Jim & Andy Younkins. 4-24-99
Mark Cacciola drilling. 4-24-99
First metal siding piece applied by Mark Cacciola, Jim & Andy Younkins 4-24-99
Dennis Reeve constructing ramp style door. 5-22-99
Dennis, Mark & Jim preparing door jamb. 5-22-99
Roof edges applied. 6-5-99
Fenders being added. 6-5-99
Metal roofing being applied. 6-11-99
Door latches being installed.
Side view of finished trailer.
Back view of finished trailer.
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