Named in honor of Winton James Hazelton who passed away of cancer at the age of  71. His fiery spirit and prolific modeling skills are just a few of the many wonderful things we'll remember about our charter member and friend. Winton was a master carpenter and without his contributions MRNS would have never made the progress that we see and enjoy. Besides this yard complex and other projects, the original club trailer would have taken much longer to be completed. This club has much to thank Win for and this small tribute of naming this yard after him will help as a reminder of who he was and what he meant to us.
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Hazelton Yard
Mount Rainier N-Scale
N-Trak Modular Model Railroad
Welcome to Mount Rainier N-Scale
Hazelton Yard Facts

Yard capacity...............600-800 cars depending on car length
Track length..................12-16 feet long (They fill up fast!!!)
Number of tracks..........12
Center passing track/siding
Two independent staging areas
Reversing capability with signal indications
Test track
Wheel cleaning area
Coupler/height gauges
Ntrak & independent throttle controls
Expandable center sections (6 feet)