At the 2013 Great Train Expo show in Puyallup, WA, Mt. Rainier N-Scale connected to the Pacific Northwest Region N-Scale layout via several oNeTRAK modules. A transition module was installed on the MRNS layout to connect to the oNeTRAK layout. The open bridge connects to a wye module allowing trains to go either direction.
This module provides a transition from the standard N-Trak mountain line to a oNeTRAK setup.
A lift bridge module connected to the transition module flows into a 'Y".
The 'Y'  farm overlooks a mining pit across the tracks.
A busy waterfront scene.
A hillside walking trail overlooks the interchange between tracks.
A logged off terrain on the way to the tunnel.
A wayside business out in the country.
A oNeTRAK module modeling clear cut.
oNeTRAK Modules
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