We are naming our current module building project in honor of Diane Powell, one of the club's charter members.

The Inside Corner module set provides an offset for a straight side of our layout. It is composed of two modules, one an "outside corner" and the other an "inside corner".  Both corners have an included angle of 45 degrees and, when used together, they form an "S" as shown in the pictures below.  They are also designed to be used with a standard N Trak 4 Foot module in between them.
Diane Powell Memorial Inside Corner
Benchwork Phase
Track Phase
Storage & Transport Rack
Scenery Phase
Mount Rainier N-Scale
N-Trak Modular Model Railroad
Welcome to Mount Rainier N-Scale

Open benchwork framing showing the 
"S" bend formed with two 45 degree sections

​Benchwork now covered with decking and with "Skyboards" added

Greg Okrasinski was designer and constructor

Scenery Team
Dennis Reeve, Pete Sanchez, Jim Younkins, Roy Cutler, Gregg Arndt, Mike Vanderhoof
(not Shown: Frank Karreman, Tom Todd)

Styrofoam insulation is used to build up the terrain

Paint and colored ground foam is applied next to the roughed in terrain

Tracks are protected with tape and more paint and colored ground foam are applied to build up the finished surface
Electrical Phase

Storage & Transport Rack
When wheels are added (not shown), this rack will safely store and transport the sections.

Greg Okrasinski was designer and constructor

Civil Engineering Team
Roy Cutler, Frank Karreman, Dennis Reeve, Pete Sanchez, Tom Todd, Jim Younkins, and Mike Vanderhoof

Tools of the Trade  

Dropping feeder wires from individual tracks to N Trak Buss wires

Buss wires, track feeders, and module inter-connections complete

John Benny & Al Turnbull

​Host and Handyman:
Dennis Reeve